About us

Plucked from the stamens of “Crocus Savitus” grown in the beautiful meadows of saffron farms, ZAYB Saffron is one of the finest grade saffron strands available in the market. The idea of creating a brand dedicated to saffron inculcated amongst us when we witnessed the majestic saffron farms. Our team instantly came up with the name “ZAYB”, an Arabic word which means “first” or “one”. And justifying its name, ZAYB Saffron strands are 100% pure with no added chemical and preservatives. We proudly cater our product and services throughout India and in other countries like the Gulf and Middle-east, USA, UK, to name some. The manufacturing of saffron is entirely a manual process that contributes to making it an exotic product. Our team takes the responsibility of thoroughly screening the saffron strands to ensure that the quality is not compromised and maintaining the true essence of saffron. The crimson red color, the delicate threads, the divine aroma, and the exquisite taste are the proof of the quality product we offer, making ZAYB Saffron a truly unique contribution to the saffron lovers.

Saffron Strands in Making

One of the reasons for saffron being the most exquisite spice in the world is their manufacturing process. Saffron strands are manufactured manually with care and ZAYB Saffron ensures the same. The fresh flowers of crocus savitus are hand-picked from the saffron farms, after which the stamens are hand-segregated from the flowers with extreme precision and caution, ensuring no damage in the saffron threads. The threads are then naturally flash-dried so that there is no compromise in its taste and no vitamins or nutrients are lost in the process. Once the strands are dried, it is then thoroughly tested under suitable conditions to check their quality. Only after the saffron strands have passed their quality check, they are packed for supply. ZAYB Saffron ensures that there are no color or nutrient additives mixed into its product keeping it 100% organic.